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Within our production department, we have a extensive range of machinery to ensure our ability to offer a superior supply of high performance tapes in a range of formats to suit all requireme

Adhesive Transfer Tape
Adhesive Transfer Tapes are used for a variety of bonding and laminating applications; ranging from gaskets, graphics, and other lightweight materials to high bonding applications. 

Best Tapes

We want to be your partner, and to do this, we need to earn your trust. SS Tape Solutions has earned a stellar reputation for quality products, excellent customer service, innovative cost-effective solutions and integrity

Tapes & Flexible Materials

 Products are available with or without adhesive in any size, shape or configuration on rolls, sheets or pieces for easier handling and cost effective assembly solutions

Specialty Tapes & Adhesives

We offer choices when looking for adhesives, tapes or flexible materials with uniques attributes such as FDA compliant skin and food contact tapes, UL rated tapes, removable tapes, to name a few.

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Nyakato, Mwanza Tanzania • Open Everyday 7am-8pm