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Simon Shinshi Tapes

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About us

Simon Shinshi  Tapes Ltd are a leading Manufacturer, Converter and Supplier of high-performance Adhesive Tapes and Adhesive products.

With over 6 years’ experience, we have become a major supplier of high performance tapes into an extensive range of markets and applications in East Africa

At SS Tapes, we base our approach on a deep understanding of our core markets. This understanding allows us to anticipate tomorrow’s customer needs and to enable our customers to succeed in dynamic markets.  With a focus on sustainable growth and innovation, our aim is to apply our knowledge and expertise in advanced material technology and processes, so we can create better solutions for all of our customers.

by more than 6 years we are

Professional manufacture of tapes and supplier

Our Mission

High product quality combined with excellent customer service is what we pride ourselves upon. This reflects in our ’10 basic of good business’ message which runs throughout our business that the customer is the heartbeat of our business.

Our aim is to create long term value for our customers and stakeholders by developing innovative solutions and forging strong partnerships. We achieve this by adopting an entrepreneurial approach to business, lead by our princple of Integrity, , Principled entrepreneurship, Customer focus, Knowledge, Change, Humility, Respect, Fulfillment Compliance and  Value creation

Our products

We have a variety of products to choose from including:


Safety Tapes
 Water proffo tapes
 Welding tapes
 foams tapes


* Polyester Cloth Adhesive Tape
* PIB Self-Amalgamating Tape
* High Temperature Glass Cloth Aluminium
* Non-Adhesive PVC Tapes

PVC Heavy Duty Adhesive Tape

* Adhesive Tape
* Waterproof Cloth Tape
* Vinyl Coated Cloth Tape
* Ski Protection Tape – High Adhesion
* Single Coated Polyethylene Tape 
* BOPP Packaging Adhesive Tape
* Glass Cloth Adhesive Tape


+255 629 203 155



Nyakato, Mwanza Tanzania • Open Everyday 7am-8pm